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How "Discovery' runners faired in Gasparilla race

Published Oct. 6, 2005

Keith Brantly and Ken Coburn, the two men featured last week in a Discovery article which explored the differences between the elite runner and the average runner, both had strong races at Saturday's Gasparilla Distance Classic.

Brantly, 31, America's top-ranked road runner, completed the 15-K race in 43:56, a pace of 4:43 per mile. Though he was 17th, Brantly was the top American finisher, as he was in 1993, when he was 18th.

Coburn, a 40-year-old health care consultant, was portrayed as "Mr. Average" in last week's story because of his median finish (2,041st among 4,074 male runners) in the 1993 Gasparilla Distance Classic. In that race, Coburn clocked a 1:15.14, a pace of 8:05 per mile.

Saturday, Coburn finished the 9.3-mile race along Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa in 1:13.27, a pace of 7:52 per mile. That showing was good enough to finish 1,555 of the 4,019 men finishing the 15-K race.