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Nato's first intervention in Bosnian war

U.S. fighter planes on routine NATO manuevers Monday morning shot down four Bosnian Serb aircraft violating the U.N.-mandated no-fly zone over Bosnia. What happened:

1. Sighting

Two U.S. F-16s patrolling near Mostar confront six Serbian attack planes near Novi Travnik warn them to leave.

2. Warning ignored

Serb planes reportedly drop as many as eight bombs over NoviTravnik, hitting a hospital and Muslim-controlled munitions factory.

3. Serb planes downed

+6:45 a.m. (local time) U.S. plane downs first Serb plane.

+6:47 Second Serb plane downed.

+6:48 Third Serb plane downed; two other U.S. planes arrive.

+6:50 Fourth Serb plane downed.

4. Remaining planes exit

Within 10 minutes, two remaining Serb planes fly off and are not pursued.


+U.N. cancels relief flights into Sarajevo and aid convoys in Bosnia, fearing Serb retaliation.

+Serb artillery fires on Muslim enclave Tuzla.

+U.S. aircraft carrier Saratoga cuts short port call in Italy, returns to position off Bosnia.

+Serb ally Russia reacts mildly to attack. "If the Serbs did this, I see no justification," said Defense Minister Pavel Grachev.

F16C: U.S. made. Single-seat, supersonic fighter-bomber can carry 12,000 pounds of nuclear or non-nuclear weapons. Can fly at 1,000 mph or more.

G-4 Super Galeb: Yugoslav-built, two-seat jet trainer and light-attack aircraft. Maximum speed is 565 mph at sea level. Carries two 23mm cannons and up to 1,870 pounds of bombs. Serb air force has 30 fixed-wing jets, six MiG-21s, 15 helicopters.

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