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Neighborhood plans may get city help

Sixteen groups are expected to receive city money to pay for a wide range of neighborhood projects _ from building bat houses to planting shrubs to tutoring students.

Mayor David Fischer is recommending that the City Council on Thursday approve more than $81,000 for the projects. They came from a pool of 29 grant applications. An additional $118,852 is expected to come this summer for more projects.

A team of city neighborhood partnership staffers, planners, public works officials, lawyers, risk managers and parks officials selected groups for the Neighborhood Partnership Grants based on issues such as whether projects had tangible benefits for a specific neighborhood, were original, and involved neighborhood residents.

Here are the 16 projects that are on the map at right:

1. Install landscaping on north and south sides of Turners Creek. Recommended award: $1,620.

2. Enhance landscaping and improve main entryway at Maximo Moorings. Recommended award: $1,975.

3. Repair sidewalks and alleys, trim trees, improve lighting, demolish abandoned buildings, install neighborhood benches and organize youth council and elderly support group in Melrose Mercy neighborhood. Recommended award: $3,000.

4. Install a walkway and additional landscaping on the 17th Avenue North median. Recommended award: $8,250.

5. Improve park area at Park Street and Third Avenue N. Recommended award: $7,645.

6. Continue landscaping along Grand Canal Boulevard between Michigan and Montana. Recommended award: $543.

7. Replace street signs at intersections with distinctive signage and landscaping in Kenwood neighborhood. Recommended award: $11,829.

8. Install sprinklers and landscaping on tri-corner area bounded by southside of Taylor Avenue S., Fourth Street S and Bayside Drive S in Cabana of Harbordale. Recommended award: $9,600.

9. Establish after-school program for students at Young Entrepreneurs. Recommended award: $7,375.

10. Establish a program to provide tutorial services complete with computers at Gibbs Junior Gladiators Tutorial Program. Recommended award: $17,000.

11. Sod, landscape and repair sidewalk along 14th Street S. between 18th and 22nd avenues S. Recommended award: $1,200.

12. Enhance entryway landscaping at Pinellas Point Drive S and Roy Hanna Drive, east of 27th Street S. Recommended award: $9,943.

13. Make four custom-made signs to advertise the Crescent Neighborhood Association monthly meetings. Recommended award: $190.

14. Install landscaping to screen trash bin and parking area adjoining the entryway of Broadwater Entrance. Recommended award: $237.

15. Implement additional natural mosquito control program and construct bat houses throughout Driftwood neighborhood. Recommended award: $665.

16. Establish a tool bank to be used in Crescent Heights Neighborhood cleanups. Recommended award: $220.