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And the winners are . . .


These books recently were named winners of the Sunshine State Young Readers Award:

Grades three to five

Centerfield Ballhawk, by Matt Christopher. Although he is the best fielder on the Peach Street Mudders baseball team, terrible things seem to happen when Jose Mendez picks up a bat.

Dog Crazy, by Eve B. Feldman. Wishing on four-leaf clovers and stars won't get Sara Fine the dog she wants. Her parents don't want a real dog in the house, but Sara starts scheming.

Mariah Delaney's Author of the Month Club, by Sheila Greenwald. Books are a big deal to the Delaney family, and Mariah, who is inspired when a popular author visits her school, decides to start her own Author-of-the-Month-Club with some success, then disaster.

The Riddle of Penncroft Farm, by Dorothea Jensen.

Keep Ms. Sugarman in Fourth Grade, by Elizabeth Levy.

Eenie, Meanie, Murphy, No!, by Colleen O'Shaughnessy McKenna.

Dynamite Dinah, by Claudia Mills.

Angela and the Broken Heart, by Nancy K. Robinson.

The True Confessions of Charlotte, by Avi Doyle.

The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother, by Elvira Woodruff.

Grades three to eight

The Pennywhistle Tree, by Doris B. Smith.

My Sister, My Science Report, by Margaret Bechard.

Jim Ugly, by Sid Fleishman.

The Night the Whole Class Slept Over, by Stella Pevsner.

Some Fine Dog, by Patti Sherlock.

Grades six to eight

Voices After Midnight, by Richard Peck. Chad, 14, moves with his family to a beautiful old house in New York where he and his sister, Heidi, and younger brother, Luke, find the keepsakes of someone who lived there a long time ago. Then they hear low voices after midnight, voices that only they can hear.

The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear, by Susan Shreve. Eliza Westfield's 13th birthday brings presents and a personality change that makes her unsure of herself and, in her own words, "unpretty, unsmart and mean." When her best friend, Lucy, who is deaf, wants to try out for the seventh-grade musical, Eliza coaches her and learns something about courage.

My Name is San Ho, by Jayne Pettit. When San Ho moves to Philadelphia from Saigon after his mother marries an American Marine, he finds he cannot leave behind the memories of war. Will he ever learn to feel at home in this new country?

Stepping on the Cracks, by Mary Downing Hahn.

Shiloh, by Phyliss R. Naylor.

Canyons, by Gary Paulsen.

Libby On Wednesday, by Silpha K. Snyder.

Buffalo Gal, by Bill Wallace.

Red Cap, by Clifton G. Wisler.