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Barkley, Oakley fined for fighting

Charles Barkley of the Phoenix Suns and Charles Oakley of the New York Knicks have been fined for their part in an altercation.

Barkley was fined $5,000 for slapping Oakley during the second period of the Suns' 92-78 victory Sunday in Phoenix. Oakley was fined $2,000 for retaliating.

Both players were ejected from the game, bringing automatic fines of $250 each.

Shaq sought college credit for "Blue Chips'

BATON ROUGE, La. _ Shaquille O'Neal tried to get college credit for acting in the movie Blue Chips, his academic adviser says.

But although such projects can count as course work, O'Neal was too busy last summer filming and traveling to make the necessary arrangements, according to Tommy Karam, director of LSU's Academic Center for Athletes.

"It is quite a learning experience to have been involved in a full-length motion picture," Karam said.

O'Neal left college in mid-semester after his junior season, and the Orlando Magic made him the first selection overall in the 1992 NBA draft. In Blue Chips, he played a top high school prospect recruited by co-star Nick Nolte. Other college and pro players and coaches also appeared in the movie, including former Boston Celtics star Larry Bird and Indiana Hoosiers coach Bob Knight.

Although he could not get credit for the film, Karam said O'Neal hasn't given up on a college degree. The star of stage, screen and basketball court is making plans to attend summer school this year, Karam said.

"He wanted to come last summer, but he had the film and the European tour and there just wasn't the time.

"He has always been very anxious, very eager to complete his degree. I think no matter how much money a person has, you want to feel complete and I think this gives him that complete feeling."

Karam said O'Neal needs about 70 credits to reach the 128 to graduate.

It would take O'Neal at least six years to finish his course work in summer school. He could do it more quickly by taking classes somewhere with an early fall semester, Karam said.