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Woman says she saw Griffin shoot

Della Lindsey has not forgotten the shock she felt March 10 when she saw Michael Griffin firing a gun, then saw the feet of a man lying on the ground.

On Tuesday, she related the chaos of that morning to jurors.

Her testimony countered Griffin's defense claim that he was framed by anti-abortion fanatics and that someone else fired the shot that killed Dr. David Gunn as he walked toward the Pensacola Women's Medical Services clinic.

"I heard a shot," said Lindsey, a retail clerk who works near the clinic. "Then I turned my attention back to where I heard the shots and I saw a man standing back here and he was shooting."

She watched as he walked away, through a crowd of anti-abortion demonstrators, and surrendered to two police officers.

After checking on the victim, she approached police officers to tell them what she saw. She said she looked at Griffin through the squad car window.

"I wanted to make sure he was the man I'd seen," she said.

Jurors also heard Tuesday from the two police officers who testified that Griffin told them he had just shot Dr. Gunn.

"I was approached by a person who said, "A man was shot behind the building,'

" said Sgt. Ken Franks.

"I asked who shot him, and he said, "I shot him.'


Officer Bernd Jablonski testified that he asked whom Griffin shot and that Griffin said he shot David Gunn.

Franks testified that at first he didn't believe Griffin because he thought he was trying to distract him from the protest.

"My first reaction was not to believe him because of his demeanor and the way he was dressed," Franks said.

Griffin's defense has been that he was brainwashed by anti-abortion zealots into being a martyr and that he did not commit the murder.

Monday, defense attorneys pointed to another activist _ Donnie Gratton _ as the killer. Gratton, a member of the Rescue America anti-abortion group, has called the defense a "crock" and says numerous witnesses saw him on the other side of the clinic the day of the shooting.

Defense attorneys also suggest the killing was a conspiracy between John Burt, regional director for Rescue America _ who had reportedly threatened Gunn in the past _ and Gratton. They say Griffin was the fall guy.

In an unusual courtroom scene, Griffin told the judge he thought the prosecutor was giving signals to witnesses to help them know how to answer.

"While Ms. Lindsey was testifying, Mr. (Jim) Murray looked over his glasses at her," he said, his voice wavering. ". . . It's not right. I want a fair trial, and this is not right."

Murray, who wears reading glasses, explained that looking over his glasses is how he sees distances.

After that, Griffin frowned through much of the testimony.