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Baseball's malaise hits home

In the Feb. 21 issue of the New Yorker magazine, documentary filmmaker Ken Burns of Civil War fame is quoted discussing his next maxi-series, Baseball. The nearly 20-hour history of the game will air during nine evenings on PBS this fall.

In discussing the reasons for making the film, Burns says baseball is "at a place now where it suffers from an identity crisis _ it's trying to be too much like other sports. It doesn't know where it is."

The film, it is hoped, will give America's favorite pastime the shot in the arm it needs by reminding it where it came from.

"How can you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?" Burns told the magazine.

Funny. That's exactly the way I feel about St. Petersburg. It suffers from an identity crisis. It tries to be like other cities _ another Tampa, another Kansas City, Mo., another Baltimore.

We have had two historical series in City Times. The first, "Pinellas Past and Present," showed us through old postcards and present-day photographs what has happened here. The current series is interviews called "I Remember," visits with early residents of the city, giving us the real personality of the city and why it did what it did.

These folks tell us of a sunny little city with a mind of its own, a city focused on boating, fishing, beaches and anything else to do with water. It was a classy resort town that promoted cultural activities, entertainment and beauty.

Odd that the remedy prescribed to cure St. Petersburg's ills is baseball.

Fashions from Burdine's will be featured at the Infinity League's annual Spring Luncheon and Fashion Show on March 15 at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, 11 Central Ave. The social hour is 11 a.m., and Barbara Van Eycken, 522-3681, is in charge of the $35 tickets.

Infinity is the League to Aid Abused Children and Adults.

Remember your "Lilly," your bright, splashy flowered shift of the 1960s spawned in Key West of Key West Fabrics, and designed by Lilly Pulitzer? It is being reborn, and you will see it at the Cross of Lorraine Society's 13th annual Breath of Spring luncheon and fashion show March 17.

Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau, now 61 and living in Palm Beach, and Sugartown Worldwide are promoting the fashions, which will feature sportswear with coordinating dresses, bathing suits and sandals. Johnston of Florida is carrying the line and will show it at the luncheon, called "Irish Spring Fling."

Loveda Keating is chairwoman of the event, at the St. Petersburg Hilton and Tower, 333 First St. S. Social hour is 11 a.m. Bobbie Gilgosch, 864-2684, is in charge of the $30 tickets.

At A Different World at John's Pass, owner Dale Howes has kente cloth and different prints and styles from West Africa's Ivory Coast. The authentic and difficult-to-obtain fabrics are in large geometric prints, abstracts, animals, graphics. The store used to be called Out of Africa, and is at a new location at the pass, 12901 Gulf Blvd., Suite 2A.

Jazz, jazz and more jazz, and champagne and desserts are in store as the Black Cat Jazz Band returns. This will happen at "Just Desserts" from 1 to 4 p.m. March 13 at the Museum of Fine Arts, 255 Beach Drive NE. The band is composed of real jazz lovers.

Send your $15 check to Edna Guyton, 400 Rafael Blvd. NE, 33704.

Evelyn and Harry Moorefield and daughter Jennifer are just back from the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, where they had a perfectly wonderful and cold time. Arrangements were by Ken Norman, who was an exchange student at their home for a year.

The Moorefields saw all the big events but were not there for the opening or closing. "Frankly, you could see those a whole lot better on television," Mrs. Moorefield said.

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