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Results of the poll

A poll by Louis Harris released Wednesday showed widespread agreement even among minority groups with several ugly stereotypes. The numbers below are percentages of each group agreeing with the generalization:

Muslims "belong to a religion that condones or supports terrorism."

Hispanics: 48; whites: 41; non-Muslim blacks: 39; Asian-Americans: 30

Roman Catholics "are narrow-minded because they are too controlled by their church."

Non-Catholic Asian-Americans: 57; non-Catholic blacks: 49; non-Catholic whites: 34

Hispanics "tend to have bigger families than they are able to support."

Asian-Americans: 68; non-Hispanic whites: 50; non-Hispanic blacks: 49; non-Hispanic white Catholics: 47

Blacks "want to live on welfare"

Asian-Americans: 31; non-black Hispanics: 26; whites: 21

Jews "when it comes to choosing between people and money, will choose money."

Blacks: 54; Hispanics: 43; Asian-Americans: 34; non-Jewish whites: 27

Asian-Americans "are unscrupulously crafty and devious in business."

Hispanics: 46; blacks: 41; whites: 27

_ Associated Press

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