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Writer missed the point about holidays

Editor's note

To our letter writers:

Communities in Pasco County are preparing for local elections in April. During the local campaign season, the Times will not accept letters to the editor that support or criticize by name any candidate for public office. We welcome letters that address issues in the campaign or in the community. Letters may be mailed to Letters to the Editor, 11321 U.S. 19, Port Richey FL 34668, or may be faxed by dialing 869-6273. They must include the name, address and telephone number of the writer. Published letters may be condensed or edited for clarity and taste.

Editor: I had to respond to the letter from the man who wrote in complaining about the two new paid holidays. I really don't understand what Dr. King had to do with the point this man was trying to make. If he wants to complain about more paid holidays, then do so, more power to him, but one thing had absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Dr. King never defied any laws. He just defied uneducated prejudiced people. There's a big difference. If the law says people have the right to the same privileges as others, then that's what should be enforced.

As far as the holidays are concerned, there are many cultures and races in this country; that's what built the United States. Everyone, no matter who, has the right to celebrate their religion or special holidays. If that's two paid holidays for the county, then so be it. I pay those taxes also and I also know that just like the military, when there's not enough money, then it's the worker who does without new equipment, cutbacks and other things. But I chose to put my energy into helping the people who have no home, no food and no hope; not complaining about the new taxes. Anyone, as you can see, can do that. It takes a bigger person to take action to help change the future.

Betrice Quinones, Holiday

Where is your respect?

Editor: I'd like to reply to Mr. William Hamer's letter of Feb. 22 stating that the two Jewish holidays given to our government employees is "raping our taxpayers." He goes on to say that is the reason why we have "wild criminally minded kids today who have lost their conscience and who lack respect for adults," when in reality, just the opposite is true.

Mr. Hamer, you have displayed a narrow-minded mentality. Where is your respect? The two holidays you're referring to are the two highest Holy Days of the year in the Jewish faith and is not to be equated with St. Valentine's Day or the State Fair as you suggest.

From your letter, I can see that you're afraid that the Arabs, Indians, Chinese or Greek holidays might be next. It's quite obvious that you don't know that these are nationalities, not religions _ there is a difference. There is little doubt in my mind that the disrespect and ignorance you've displayed in your letter is evident to me as to why you receive so little respect in return.

Sacred religious holidays are not "drummed up" as you state. They've been around for thousands of years and are more important in our lives than the "almighty dollar."

Mae Paolino, New Port Richey

Grow up, forget you're a vet

Editor: My advice to Michael J. Diglio ("Publicizing Veterans Day.")

Grow up, Mike! Forget you're a vet. Throw away that silly little hat and get with it. Keep the kids at school. You are only after another day of glory. "Look at me, kids! I was a soldier!" So was I, six years in World War II. I never applied for my medals. If they were not worth sending to me, who cares? They would not earn me a living anyway. I never wanted to wear a uniform since. Even a silly hat. I never wanted to join any rallies to glorify war. Forget it, Mike. It was never a nice period in your life or mine.

George E. Smith, Hudson

Criticism is disturbing

Editor: After reading your column of Feb. 21, I took a few moments to reflect. You obviously wrote it in defense of your paper's recent critical comments regarding county commissioners Ed Collins and Bonnie Zimmer. Several points in your editorial disturbed me.

In your column you stated: "Yep, you say a few critical things about Commissioners Bonnie Zimmer and Ed Collins, and you can rest assured the letters campaign will begin." You almost intimate that a button is pushed and letters to the editor materialize out of nowhere. Could it be possible that there are people in Pasco County who actually agree with Ed Collins and Bonnie Zimmer? Remember, they both did win a popular election to their current office. Is it not feasible that their constituents really do support the stands these two commissioners take on the issues?

I also was not happy with your comments regarding Ed Collins' and Bonnie Zimmer's support of a stronger adult use/nudity ordinance. In your writing you nearly accuse them of political opportunism. Is it stretching the imagination to say that these individuals genuinely feel strongly about this serious issue? Can you not give them credit for wanting to make Pasco County a safer place for all residents? Their conservative agenda has been a matter of public knowledge for several years. It is unfair to now accuse them of using this issue for political expediency.

You also stated that "Collins is a smart politician. He knows the value of getting on the side of righteousness . . ." I believe that your statement illustrates a greater truth than perhaps you intended it to. If every politician got on the side of righteousness, this nation would not have half of the troubles it has. Why do you feel the need to criticize someone who does what is morally right?

Gregory Giordano, New Port Richey

Praise for panel discussion

Editor: With the full cooperation of several departments of the River Ridge Middle/High School, the American Association of University Women of West Pasco sponsored a successful "Role Model" panel Feb. 15, emphasizing the importance of a broad based education including mathematics and science. These studies must begin immediately.

Members of the panel were Laura York, TV Channel 8 meteorologist; Pat Langston Crusoe, pharmacist for Kash n' Karry, and Timothy Hunt, assistant vice president at NationsBank.

AAUW wishes to compliment the student body on its demeanor, interest and questions during the presentation. We hope that it instilled the importance of the role model figure.

Tapes of the program will be shown throughout the Pasco School system and at Saturday's meeting of the AAUW. The public is invited.

Marion Ingram, AAUW, Port Richey

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