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Close friends can call him Trout Fishing

Peter Eastman Jr. wanted to do something different for his upcoming high school graduation, so he changed his name: to Trout Fishing in America.

"I am just saying I am not this little kid anymore. I want to be my own person," said Eastman, 17, who went to court last week to legally change his name.

His new name was inspired by Richard Brautigan's 1967 counterculture classic, Trout Fishing in America. "I really liked the book," he said. "He looks at the world in a way I like."

Peter Eastman Sr. said he supports his son's decision but said he was sad that the family torch has been passed to a fish. Still, the senior Eastman paid the $182 name-change filing fee as a graduation present for his son.

The name should become official in a couple of weeks and Trout Fishing in America should appear on his diploma in June.

But, the boy's mother isn't sure what to call her son.

"Trout Fishing in America is a little long," Addie Green said.