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GOP candidate announces bid for top education post

A South Florida school superintendent announced his candidacy for state education commissioner Thursday, calling for change in the system and more choice for parents.

Frank T. Brogan, a Republican from Stuart in Martin County, has emerged as one of the strongest candidates to be the GOP challenger to Doug Jamerson, who was recently named commissioner.

Brogan's race is boosted by state GOP Party Chairman Tom Slade, who recruited Brogan for the race and introduced him at Thursday's news conference. And Brogan's campaign manager is Sherry Plymale, former vice chairman of the state Republican Party.

Brogan's suggestions include streamlining the state bureaucracy and giving more control to local districts; more choice for parents about which school their children will attend; consideration of a voucher system to allow children to attend private schools; working with other agencies on juvenile justice; and less reliance on longevity and more on skill in determining teachers' pay.

In the September primary, Brogan faces three other candidates including Polly Demma, a Hillsborough teacher.