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Justice Department continues Harding "review'

The Justice Department said it is still reviewing whether figure skater Tonya Harding committed any federal crimes in connection with the Jan. 6 attack on Nancy Kerrigan. John Russell, spokesman for the Justice Department's criminal division, said Thursday that the investigation was undertaken about two weeks ago at the request of prosecutors in Portland, Ore., Harding's home. Federal officials are studying whether Harding may have violated the Hobbs Act, which makes it a felony to interfere or conspire to interfere with commerce by use of violence or the threat of it, Russell said. Harding's ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, has made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to an Oregon charge of racketeering, alleging that Harding gave the go-ahead for Shane Stant to club Kerrigan in the knee.

SKATING: Canadian figure skater Kurt Browning said he is retiring from the amateur ranks to skate in professional exhibitions. The 27-year-old said his failure to win a medal at the Lillehammer Olympics figured in the decision but was not a determining factor.

TRACK AND FIELD: Olympic and world sprint champion Linford Christie of Britain beat American Michael Green in the 60 meters, 6.52 seconds to 6.54, in an indoor meet at San Sebastian, Spain.

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