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Angie (R) (108 min.) _ Geena Davis adopts a tough Brooklyn attitude in a heartwarming comedy-drama of friendship, unexpected love and unwed motherhood. Stephen Rea (The Crying Game) co-stars as the roving Irishman who captures her tacky heart. _ Countryside 6, Largo Mall 8, Tyrone 6, Regency Square 8, Horizon Park 4, Main Street 6, Old Hyde Park 7, University Collection 6, Boulevard 6.

The Chase (PG-13) (90 min.) C+ _ Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) see how many traffic accidents they can cause in a cross-country escape from the police. A few deliciously twisted moments of comedy brighten a long, loud car chase. So far, it's 1994's top "guilty pleasure." _ Main Street 5, Tri-City 8, Movies at Pinellas Park, Seminole 8, Tyrone 6, Regency Square 8, Lake Walden Cinema 8, Britton 8, Hillsboro 8, Northdale Court, University Collection 6, Embassy, Citrus Cinemas, Spring Theater.

China Moon (R) (99 min.) D _ Filmed in Polk County three years ago, this steamy murder mystery is just being released after being held in limbo by Orion Picture's financial restructuring. Ed Harris stars as a jaded homicide detective seduced by a mysterious married woman (Madeleine Stowe). _ Clearwater 5, Movies at Clearwater, Tri-City 8, Pinellas Square 3, Tyrone 6, Northdale Court, Varsity 6, Embassy.

Greedy (PG-13) (113 min.) C _ Where there's a will, there's Michael J. Fox trying to outmaneuver obnoxious relatives for a piece of the inheritance. Madcap farce of money, morality and mirth co-stars Phil Hartman (Saturday Night Live) and venerable Kirk Douglas as the meal ticket on his deathbed. _ Clearwater 5, Countryside 6, Largo Mall 8, Tri-City 8, Movies at Pinellas Park, Seminole 8, Tyrone 6, Regency Square 8, Lake Walden Cinema 8, Britton 8, Hillsboro 8, Main Street 6, Old Hyde Park 7, University Mall Theaters, Gulfside Cinema, Cinema 6, Boulevard 6.

King of the Hill (PG) (115 min.) _ Director Steven Soderburgh's atmospheric look at the Great Depression through the eyes of a young boy (Jesse Bradford) left homeless and alone. _ Tampa Theater.

The Music of Chance (R) (100 min.) B+ _ Phillip Haas' existential drama focuses on the lure and consequences of gambling when two drifters (Mandy Patinkin and James Spader) lose an unusual poker bet to a pair of eccentric millionaires (Joel Grey and Charles Durning). Good performances and an enticing air of mystery make this one of the underrated gems of the 1993 movie year. _ Beach Theater.

The Snapper (R) (94 min.) A- _ A "snapper" is a baby in Irish pub-speak, and the film Stephen Frears crafted by that title is a bundle of joy. Colm Meaney (TV"s Deep Space Nine) is warm and wonderful as a caring father concerned about his unwed, pregnant daughter. Directed by Stephen Frears (Dangerous Liasions, The Grifters). _ Movies at Pinellas Park, Tampa Theater.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (PG-13) (117 min.) A- _ We thought things couldn't get any stranger for Johnny Depp after Benny and Joon. Now he's portraying a man named Gilbert Grape who's burdened by a 500-pound mother, a mentally retarded brother, a listless existence and blooming love in a backwater town. Leonardo DiCaprio is Oscar-nominated as Gilbert's simpleton brother. Directed by Lasse Hallstrom (My Life as a Dog). _ Movies at Clearwater, Largo Mall 8, Movies at Pinellas Park, Britton 8, Hillsboro 8, Main Street 6, University Mall Theaters.