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Please, Mr. Barrington, don't beat around the bush

Last week we mentioned a particular bill in the Legislature that was making school officials nervous because it would raise the compulsory attendance age and prohibit districts from expelling students. This week, the Hillsborough County School Board decided to make their objections known.

Board member Glenn Barrington suggested that the board send letters to members of the Hillsborough legislative delegation and to other legislators ""very strongly objecting to this bill."

What does Barrington think about Senate bill 2014?

He told his fellow board members, ""It's a piece of junk is what it is."

Scholarship applications offered

The plan is to make it possible for a few minority teachers aides or other school employees who want to become teachers to fulfill their dream.

A group of educators has banded together to create the A. Leon Lowry Scholarship Fund, named after the Rev. Lowry -- the community leader, civil rights advocate and educator who became the first black person elected to countywide office in Hillsborough County when he served on the School Board.

Attaching his name to the scholarship is Lowry's way of continuing his commitment to education, and it is intended to make it possible for a minority non-instructional employee to get a college education and enter the teaching profession. The award will help to increase the number of minority teachers in the district.

Right now the scholarship has about $9,000, and there are plans to award the first two scholarships at the annual EDDIE Awards in May. The scholarship committee would like to see the fund grow. They are hoping for corporate sponsorship and individual contributions.

Applications for the award should be turned in to the Hillsborough Education Foundation on or before March 24.

And then there were six

The School Board races continue to draw attention.

In District 2, three candidates are hoping to succeed long-time board member Marion Rodgers, who decided not to seek re-election. Filing papers this week was Gerald L. Minkow, a substitute teacher who has worked at Jefferson High. He joins Steve Gavalas and Candy Olson in that race.

And in District 6, there are three candidates trying to succeed Sam Rampello, another long-time incumbent who is bowing out. Filing papers earlier this week was Valentine Greco Munoz, who joins Annette DeLisle and William Wieser in the race.

Joe Newsome, the incumbent in District 4, still has not filed papers to run, but he has made it clear that he intends to do so.