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Relief on the way to City Hall Annex

It's not the labor-management relations at Tampa's City Hall Annex that has city employees hot these days.

It's the air conditioning.

The huge condensers crucial to the eight-story building's cooling system are shot.

Predictably, the inside of the windowless, bunker-like building earlier this week took on a muggy, August sort of feel, and officials are scrambling to get cold air flowing again.

Fixing the air conditioning is expected to cost at least $120,000 and take eight weeks, according to Public Works Director Jack Morriss. About 470 people work in the building.

The good news, Morriss said, is that city officials plan to rent portable air conditioning equipment to cool the building while new condensers are in transit and being installed.

Meanwhile, city officials hope for continued cool weather. If temperatures reach the 70s outside the building, temperatures inside could be 10 degrees warmer.