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State representative's brother found dead

The younger brother of state Rep. Mary Brennan, D-Pinellas Park, was found dead Wednesday morning after leaving a friend's home on his bicycle, Clearwater Police spokesman Wayne Shelor said.

Terence Brennan, a 35-year-old blues guitarist, was about five miles from his Largo home when he got off his bike and sat down near an old air-conditioning unit in the 2008 block of Nursery Road, Shelor said.

A resident in the area noticed Brennan slumped over and called police. When an officer tried to wake him, Brennan did not respond. An emergency medical team pronounced him dead, Shelor said.

Robert Brennan said his son had spent the night at the home of one his band members. "He was going to ride home in the morning. He rode his bike everywhere."

Terence Brennan was unemployed and lived with his parents.

The cause of his death has not been determined, but Shelor said police do not believe foul play was involved. "Both the scene of this man's death and the preliminary results of the autopsy give the detective no pause to believe foul play was involved."

Brennan said his son was not ill and had no history of medical problems.

"He was being treated for a broken wrist, that's the only medical problem he had that we know of. It's a mystery until the county medical examiner tells us what did happen to him."

State Rep. Brennan, 39, flew in from Tallahassee on Wednesday to be with her family.

She described her brother as a "a very shy, accomplished musician. He was quiet but he liked to have fun," she said.