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Test your knowledge of prominent women

Since March is Women's History Month, I thought it would be interesting to run a little quiz on some women who have made contributions to our history. Answers appear at bottom of column.

1. Congresswoman Barbara Jordan was elected to the House of Representatives from what state and in what year?

2. What African-American woman has a building named in her honor at Gibbs High School?

3. What African-American woman sought the Democratic nomination for president? What was the year?

4. Who was the first black woman to ever sing at the Metropolitan Opera House? What was the date?

5. For what country did Josephine Baker become a spy and eventually a citizen?

6. Who founded the St. Petersburg Black History pageant?

7. Vaudeville star Florence Mills made her stage debut at the age of 4. She died at the age of 32. What was the cause?

8. What president's wife resigned her membership from the Daughters of the American Revolution on behalf of concert singer Marian Anderson?

9. What singer died in 1937 after a car accident and was known as "Empress of the Blues"?

10. Who was the librarian at the James Weldon Johnson branch from 1983 to 1990?

11. Who founded the first nursing home for African-Americans in St. Petersburg?

12. What ancient Egyptian queen's name means the "beautiful one has come"?

13. Who was the first African-American, self-made millionaire businesswoman in this country?

14. What African-American woman from the Democratic party made an unsuccessful bid for a seat on the Pinellas County School Board in 1986?

15. Who was the first African-American woman astronaut?

The Cradle of Wisdom is from Nigeria: When the mouse laughs at the cat, there is a hole nearby.

Quiz answers:

1. Texas, 1972

2. Olive B. McLin.

3. Shirley Chisholm.

4. Marian Anderson, Jan. 17, 1955.

5. France.

6. Peggy Peterman.

7. Complications from an appendectomy.

8. Eleanor Roosevelt.

9. Bessie Smith.

10. Mamie Brown.

11. Idella B. Jones.

12. Nefertiti.

13. Madam C.J. Walker, inventor of the straightening iron and hair and scalp pomades for African-Americans.

14. Effie Alexander.

15. Dr. Mae Jemison.