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Demolition Man, R. Sylvester Stallone thaws out of a cryogenic prison in the year 2013 to chase another icy escapee, psycho killer Wesley Snipes. Together they do as much damage to a futuristic society unaccustomed to violence as producer Joel Silver's budget will allow. Co-stars Sandra Bullock as the obligatory lust object.

Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter, G. When Dennis discovers a dinosaur bone in his backyard, the Mitchell neighborhood becomes overrun with scientists, reporters and amusement park promoters. This live-action Dennis adventure stars William Windom, Jim Jansen and Victor Dimattia.

Fox and the Hound, G. A childhood friendship between a fox and a hound leads to complications in adulthood when both are forced to fill their natural roles. A fine, traditionally animated work harkening back to the days of Walt Disney, it also marks the departure of the old guard in the animation department and the hiring of a new staff following a walkout by Don Bluth and his associates over the need for more creativity at the studio.

The Good Son, R. In Home Alone, Macaulay Culkin was merely devilish. In his first R-rated movie, he's downright evil. Culkin does a fine job as a 12-year-old Bad Seed who makes Dennis the Menace look like an altar boy. Elijah Wood (Forever Young) plays his innocent cousin, who witnesses Culkin dishing out more pain and suffering than those Wet Bandits ever endured.

Much Ado About Nothing, PG. Kenneth Branagh (Henry V) returns to his Shakespearean roots with a splashy adaptation of the Bard's bawdiest comedy. Branagh and his Oscar-winning wife, Emma Thompson (Howards End), are a formidable match as raffish Benedick and radiant Beatrice, whose sharp tongues hide soft hearts for each other. The all-star cast includes Michael Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Denzel Washington.

Needful Things, R. Castle Rock, Maine, wanted a Sam's Club to open, but got the devil's department store Needful Things instead. Max von Sydow (The Exorcist) reverses his clerical collar to play Lucifer, who delights in turning the Castle Rock community into a battle-torn neighborhood. A faithful adaptation of one of Stephen King's lesser works.

Striking Distance, R. Bruce Willis attempts to jump-start his tepid career by returning to his Die Hard roots after a couple of misguided forays into comedy. Willis plays a Pittsburgh river patrol cop tracking down yet another serial killer _ this one killed his father. Sarah Jessica Parker is Willis' mismatched partner (soon-to-be love interest).

CLASSICS: Rex Harrison, Irene Dunne and Linda Darnell star in Anna and the King of Siam, the latest release in Fox Video's Studio Classics series. The 1946 film won two Oscars (Cinematography and Interior Set Decoration) of the four it was nominated for.