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Handbook helps novice in concrete anchoring

(ran HC HL editions)

Question: I am planning several projects that involve drilling and fastening to stone and concrete. Is there a guide or a good source for concise information in this area?

Answer: Fastening to stone, concrete block, brick and drywall can be tricky, but the Rawl 47M is an industrial-quality handbook that can help you do the job right.

It's 135 pages of the most thorough information we have seen on this subject.

Of course, the Rawlplug company is pitching its products here, but at least it does a good job. Each of the company's fasteners is illustrated, with clear drawings that show how the fastener is installed. Also listed is the fastener's length and the diameter of the drill bit needed to install it.

There is other information here, on corrosion and load limits for instance, much of it industrial in nature. But if you pay close attention you'll see how this applies to fastening around the house.

Rawl anchors and fasteners are sold at hardware stores, home centers and industrial supply houses.

To get a handbook, write to: Rawl Inquiry Handling Center, Box 8116, Trenton, NJ 08650-8116.