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Published Oct. 6, 2005

Emilie Peters of Port Richey, keep crocheting those afghans. There are many willing takers. Lucille D. Crisler of Largo suggests the VA Hospital at Bay Pines, the CASA spouse abuse shelter in St. Petersburg, or the AIDS Coalition Pinellas. Helen Frankfurt of Largo seconds the motion on Bay Pines, saying, "They love knitted bedsocks also. They can use all the lap robes and afghans you can give them." Helen McGee of Port Richey writes that the Ex-Prisoners of War, Chapter 1, in Port Richey is trying to make 70 lap robes for next Christmas for the vets at Bruce B. Downs Veterans Hospital in Tampa, and invites your participation. So does the annual craft show sponsored by the SPCA of west Pasco; see Betty Crichton at the thrift shop at 7784 Congress St. in New Port Richey.

Karen Forbes, you can find lace-edged handkerchiefs at the Vermont Country Store, P.O. Box 3000, Manchester Center, VT 05255-3000, phone (802) 362-2400, says Ruth Reid of Largo, who also finds them at antique shops and flea markets. Or try the Bellringer, at 355 Main St. in Dunedin, where they have plain and embroidered Swiss and Chinese cotton handkerchiefs with hemstitched, crocheted or lace edges, ranging in price from $2.50 to $10.

Tech talk

On the sewing machine front: Who's got a manual for a Toyota Serger Machine, model 6300, for Mrs. Allyn Paul of Tarpon Springs? Dolores Scott of St. Petersburg has some extra foot guides and five disc inserts for a Viking sewing machine she no longer owns. Each of the discs contains four different stitch guides (B, C, D, E, F). She'd be happy to give them to someone.

Paul S. Canessa of Clearwater needs instructions for a portable sewing machine. It seems to be a Nelco model 790, serial number 10437; the name Elna (Japan) is also on the machine.

Dorotha Pasin of Holiday needs an instruction book for a Smith Corona Coronamatic 2500 typewriter.

In the world of sound systems: Mr. and Mrs. Natale Clemente of New Port Richey want to know where to have a three-piece electrophonic radio, 8-track tape player and record player unit repaired. They also have a portable 8-track tape player and radio that needs checking out.

Lew Cadmus of St. Petersburg has two "dinosaurs" _ a 1964 Philips four-track tape player, which no longer runs at the proper speed, and a 1961-62 Grundig Majestic console (radio and three-speed record player) with a broken pickup arm. "Tell Barney I need help!" he writes.

Libby Steele of St. Petersburg wonders if there's a way to play cassettes on her 8-track player. Ann Whiting wants an 8-track adapter.

Ray Mills of Spring Hill has an early Zenith model X940W stereo. The arm doesn't land on the start of the record, he says. Stacked records don't drop, and the needle skips across the records.

And from Homosassa Springs, Jim Thompson needs an instruction manual for an AKAI reel-to-reel tape player model GX 635-D, or a remote control, or a dummy plug, part J-905. He'd be glad to buy an old machine for parts.

Lillian Carpenter of Largo needs a viewer for 8-mm movies to view home movies that can't be put on video because they are too deteriorated. She doesn't want to dispose of them without seeing what's on them. Steve DePotter at Photo Express in Spring Hill suggests trying camera supply stores for an editor-viewer through which you can move the film mechanically to see it.

Michael Belyk of Holiday has a Kodak Moviedeck 475 projector that won't feed the film any longer.

Folks, we can offer you these suggestions: Minier TV and Stereo at 11865 Seminole Blvd. in Largo specializes in repairing old stereo and video equipment. "We'll do our best," says owner Donna Minier, who cautions that many of the parts are no longer available.

Then she searches by computer network among repair shops across the country. Or they manufacture the parts there and modify the equipment if necessary.

For film problems, we've previously directed readers to Gordon Leonard at Pinellas Photo in Palm Harbor, 785-6903. We'd be glad to pass on names of others who can repair these obsolete machines.

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