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The nine officials to receive subpoenas

Bernard Nussbaum, White House counsel: Nussbaum is reportedly ready to resign after taking part in discussions with Treasury officials about the status of an investigations by the Resolution Trust Corp. into possible criminal wrongdoing in the failure of Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan, an Arkansas thrift with ties to the Clintons.

Mark Gearan, White House communications director: He confirmed this week that White House officials received two briefings from Treasury officials last fall. But he denied that there was anything improper.

Bruce Lindsey, senior presidential adviser: He has been handling questions on the Clintons involvement in the Whitewater land deal and Madison.

Harold Ickes, deputy chief of staff: Has been coordinating White House damage-control efforts.

Lisa Caputo, press secretary to Hillary Rodham Clinton. She has said she received a call from an RTC official last fall who told her about press inquiries involving Whitewater and Madison. She said she simply returned the call.

Maggie Williams, Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff: She attended at least one of the meetings at which Treasury officials discussed Whitewater and Madison.

Roger Altman, deputy secretary of the Treasury: He is the acting head of the RTC and touched off criticism when he disclosed during congressional testimony that he had briefed White House officials in February.

Jean Hanson, Treasury Department general counsel: Reportedly told Nussbaum last fall that the Clintons were named by the RTC as possible beneficiaries of questionable transactions at the S&L.

Joshua Steiner, Treasury Department chief of staff: He attended the second Whitewater meeting with White House officials.