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U.N. troops in Bosnia

The United Nations has more than 13,000 peacekeepers in Bosnia, but commanders say they need 10,700 more to enforce cease-fires around Sarajevo and in central Bosnia. The main contingents and their numbers:

France: About 3,600, including more than 2,000 in Sarajevo, 1,200 in the northwest Bihac pocket and a helicopter unit under the Bosnian command at the Croatian port of Split.

Britain: About 2,100; 650 are based in central Bosnia and another 1,400 are based in Split.

Malaysia: 1,400 recent arrivals.

Spain: 1,200 in southwestern Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Sweden, Norway, Denmark: 1,200 based in Tuzla in northern Bosnia. Plus 180 Danes at headquarters in Kiseljak, central Bosnia.

Canada: 780, based in Visoko, central Bosnia. Canadian forces are in the process of leaving eastern Muslim enclave of Srebrenica.

Netherlands: 580 signal and transport troops. New Dutch troops replacing the Canadians in Srebrenica.

Egypt: 426 in Sarajevo.

Russia: 400 in Sarajevo.

Ukraine: 395 in Sarajevo.