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Elasticized waist need not be bulky

Dear Eunice: I don't like the bulk one gets from elastic at the waist of pants and skirts.

Is there another solution? _ Ellie P.

Dear Ellie: I think you might like McCall pattern 6623, sizes 10 to 26, for a skirt and pants. This pattern is straight across the front _ the elastic begins at the side front and continues around the back, avoiding extra bulk at the front of your garment.

Another option is to insert the zipper as usual, but don't stitch any of the darts.

Instead, insert elastic instead of a waistband. The extra fabric from the darts will give you much less bulk and enough ease for a nice fit.

Gem of a jacket

Dear Eunice: I would love to make one of the longer jackets for spring; however, it must be simple to make because I'm short on time. I might wear it without a blouse, as a two-piece dress. _ Lucie R.

Dear Lucie: I usually don't repeat pattern suggestions, but I simply love Butterick pattern 6657, sizes 6-22. You can make fake pockets and still not lose the design of the jacket. It can be worn with or without a blouse. For spring, you could choose one of the wonderful silk Matka suitings, linen or linen blend or lightweight wool.

Pretty, yet practical

Dear Eunice: My daughter is being married in April. What kind of purchased blouse would you suggest for the bridesmaids and what kind of material would you suggest for the skirts? Would a cummerbund be a nice addition to the skirt? _ Ann E.

Dear Ann: I would try to find a very feminine blouse, perhaps made of lace or a sheer fabric such as batiste with lace bandings and trims.

For the skirts, a floral chintz would be lovely. You may also choose a cotton brocade, linen or linen blend. If the skirts are full, you'll need a softer fabric than you would use for a straight or A-line skirt. Yes, a cummerbund is a great accessory and looks wonderful on small waistlines.

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