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What Fiske is investigating

In January, Attorney General Janet Reno appointed a special counsel, Robert Fiske, to conduct an independent investigation into the Clinton family's involvement in Whitewater Development Corp. and any ties it had to the failure of Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. Fiske investigation includes:

Madison's failure and whether any illegal diversion took place that could have benefited the Clintons or their partner in Whitewater, James McDougal, who also headed Madison Guaranty.

A review of White House deputy counsel Vincent Foster's death last summer, which police had concluded was a suicide. At the time, Foster was working on Whitewater matters.

The trial of David Hale, a former Arkansas municipal judge accused of misusing federally guaranteed loans. Hale alleges Clinton pressured him to make a $300,000 Small Business Administration-guaranteed loan to a McDougal company.

Whether the Rose Law Firm _ where Mrs. Clinton, Foster, and No. 3 Justice Department official Webster Hubbell formally worked _ had any conflicts of interest in representing both regulators and Madison in S&L cases.

Recent contacts between the White House and Treasury Department officials regarding the Resolution Trust Corp.'s investigation of Madison.

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