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Cold terror in the hot summer

It was on a hot summer day that everything started. The first thing that made everyone worry was when she didn't come home that night.

She had gone out with a guy she had just met. Then she never came home. Her mother knew right away that something was wrong because her daughter never stayed out all night. Also, her mother had been having a bad dream all night. The dream was the kind that gives you an eerie feeling. She dreamed that her daughter was screaming for her help.

First, she called the police and reported Lisa missing. Next she called my grandma, who called my mom, then my aunt, and we all rushed to her house.

We got a call from a man named Indian Joe who had found Lisa's wallet on Snead Island, around Emmerson Point. Right after the call my grandmother and uncle went to Snead Island to look for her. My uncle found her clothes but they didn't find her.

By the time the police got there it was dark, so they couldn't really look for her. The next day they had a feeling she was already dead, so they dredged the river and found her body.

After that everyone was really sad. Lisa had just graduated from high school.

Well, it was a shock to everyone, especially since no one thought it could happen to them. It was the kind of thing that happens only in the movies.

The worst part about it was that they never found out who did it or exactly what had happened. Today everyone still mourns her death, and everyone still wants to know what happened to her.

Jessica is a student at Lincoln Middle School in Palmetto.