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Deputy slays library gunman

A gunman carrying a crude bomb took 10 people hostage Saturday at the Salt Lake City Library, then was shot dead by a deputy who had sneaked in among the hostages.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Lloyd Prescott was teaching a class for police officers in a room next to the one where the gunman was guarding the hostages, Lt. Marty Vuyk said.

"He made a super move. He became the last hostage by walking in the room and closing the door behind him," Vuyk said.

The man was identified Sunday as Clifford Lynn Draper, a drifter who lived in a tiny hotel room stuffed with combat gear, gun magazines and ammunition.

More than five hours after Draper herded his captives into a room Saturday morning, he told them to draw lots, apparently to determine the order in which they would be executed.

That's when Prescott, a 22-year veteran, identified himself.

Draper pointed his gun at the deputy, who pulled out his concealed weapon and shot him. The hostages were unharmed. Draper died at a hospital.

"(Prescott) is the kind of guy who would do something like he did today _ put himself in harm's way to make somebody else safe," said Deputy Jim Potter.

Draper told a radio station he had been wronged by the government and bilked out of money in the military. He said he wanted a pardon from President Clinton, but didn't say what he wanted to be pardoned for.

He had watched for several days as a group of visiting Tibetan Buddhist monks created an intricate sacred sand painting, or mandala, at the main downtown branch of the Salt Lake City Library.

On Saturday, he leaped onto a table and started taking hostages from among library patrons. He let the monks go. They chanted prayers for peace outside.