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Don't be a fool for love

Former teen model Eileen F. Gilbert is a psychology student at the University of South Florida. A resident of Clearwater, she has a pool, a trampoline, two daughters and is known as one of the coolest moms on the block.

My best friend really likes this guy at school. I talk to him more than she does and even though I try not to flirt with him, I do sometimes because he flirts with me. I think this guy likes me (his friend says he does). I like him too, but my best friend really likes him and I don't know what to do. How do I deal with this?

1) Wait a week or two before doing or saying anything. It's hard to wait, but sometimes these problems work out by themselves. For instance, your best friend might start liking a different guy, leaving guy No. 1 free for you.

2) You could talk to your friend about him and admit that you think he's terrific too. (Natch _ BFs think alike!). You could ask your BF how serious her feelings are for this guy and if she thinks anything will come of it.

3) You should think about how it might come down to a choice: your BF? or the guy? This is always a tough situation, but my advice is to try to save the friendship by not hurting your friend and not going behind her back. This will mean facing your BF with the truth, if you decide to go for the guy. Admit that you and the guy like each other, but tell her that your friendship with her comes first and that is why you wanted to be honest. Just remember, guys come and guys go (you'll have lots of dates and different boyfriends throughout the years), but if you're a good friend and do things right, you should only have one (or a very few) best friends!