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Letter writer spreads fiction in effort to gain political post

Editor: I am an avid reader of newspapers and do enjoy the local newspaper's opinion columns. What is disheartening sometimes is when the writer(s) employ more fiction than truth in their letters on subjects they might have a true concern about.

But the very disturbing letters to the editors are those that slander political figures when there has been no apparent rhyme or reason for the lambasting, except maybe that of the writer's personal agenda or group that he/she may represent. I put Thomas Jacobellis and his "fellow travelers" into this category of espousers of venom.

Let's look at Mr. Jacobellis' track record. First, he ran for the School Board and the voters said "no." He then ran for County Commissioner and the voters said "no" again, Then, when a School Board seat became vacant, he petitioned the governor for the position. The governor's response essentially was, "Thanks, but no thanks."

When Mr. Jacobellis arrived in Hernando County, he registered as a Democrat. Later he changed his party affiliation and became a Republican. Having difficulties with the Republican Party, he decided he would become a Democrat again.

In another one of his articles he suggested that the Hernando County Sheriff's Office hire extra deputies and that their respective salaries could be obtained by using a ticket quota system. Jacobellis is reported to have spent about 15 years in law enforcement. I wonder why he left? I spent over 30 years in law enforcement and I retired. And, yes, no professional law enforcement agency worth its salt would ever consider using this type of practice to secure revenue to operate its department.

Oh, yes, Jacobellis is a member of the "Good Government League." I now wonder if this is the mindset of this group, that is, say something long enough and loud enough and hopefully some people will believe the misinformation is truth.

I have yet to see this "Good Government League" address the reinstatement of former School Board member Diane Rowden. Since her husband, Jay Rowden, is an active member of this league, I don't believe it would influence their decision, but don't bet the farm on that statement.

Who are the founding fathers and mothers of this league? Several, at least, are former political candidates who were rejected by the voters of this county.

Since Mr. Jacobellis has never penned a letter to the editor about the reinstatement of Diane Rowden, one can only wonder why not?

You know, if there were an election for dog catcher in this county it would not be a surprise to see Mr. Jacobellis run for the office. The more letters he writes, the more the residents of Hernando County will come to realize that he, too, is a windmill warrior.

He does not deal in the truth, but only purposeful misinformation that he believes will enhance his own political career. Mr. Jacobellis, the public is on to your game and that of your associates. The only advice this voter would like to convey to any future political office Mr. Jacobellis may seek is, "Keep your day job!"

Ed Swan

Spring Hill