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It's unbelievable. One minute we're sitting out here having a beer and enjoying the sun and the next, a man is dying in front of me."

_ Gary Golston, a runner who tried to revive Gary Peacock, a Tampa lawyer who suffered a heart attack and died after running in the Gasparilla Distance Classic.

Fifty-four percent of the registered voters in Hillsborough county are women...the rest are men."

_ Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Pam Iorio, in a speech to the league of Women Voters.

I've never seen a guy with more fear on his face. He was just in total terror."

_ Rick Zdanowski, referring to Mark Wayne Vaughn, who ran from his girlfriend's house and dove through the window of Zdanowski's home before being tracked down and shot to death by a jealous boyfriend.

I think we're sending a very mixed message if we host these (gun shows) and make a profit when we're trying to reduce the number of guns on the street."

_ Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman, explaining the city's decision to ban gun shows at the Tampa Convention Center.

She feels like she's being victimized by the system right now."

_ Assistant State Attorney Cynthia Heir, referring to an alleged rape victim who a judge ordered arrested when she refused to give testimony to the defense attorney representing the accused rapist.

Folks, we have people standing here with their hand out with no documentation whatsoever."

_ Hillsborough Hospital Authority member Burt Lowe, complaining that University of South Florida anesthesiologists don't deserve a $1.5-million subsidy because they have refused to give details on what they claim are their financial losses at Tampa General Hospital.

Satan is working against us, because we're working against him."

_ The Rev. Abe Brown, after cars at his prison ministry property were broken into while he was away visiting prisons.

Similar to the kickoff at a football game."

_ Medical Examiner's official Marie Herrman, testifying in the murder trial of Robert Barthmaier about the force of the kicks that resulted in the death of Turkish exchange student Mehmet Bahar.

Since Billitteri has found it necessary to stoop to name-calling, how's about I call him Mr. Hyper-Inflated Pseudo-Intellectual Pumpkinhead?"

_ University of South Florida student John M. Bunch, referring to The Times religion columnist Tom Billitteri, who called Bunch a "puerile pinhead" after Bunch perpetrated the Barney hoax on the local media.