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We (love) Oksana!

Hearts and flowers to the orphaned Ukrainian teen who, despite leg stitches and approved painkillers, won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating and proved to the world that Mall Hair transcends all cultures and time zones.

Words that rhyme with Oksana: Botswana, Iquana, Laxwana (Troi-from STTNG), Ivana, Hot Sauna, Madonna, Nirvana, You Wanna?, Yo Mama, Piranha, Floral and Fauna, Oh Susannah, Tijuana.

(Sara Gilbert Rules will return next week).

Get pumped for the Meek & Mild Mini Triathalonl!

As part of the 1994 St. Anthony's Triathalon Weekend, a new event has been scheduled for April 23, The Meek & Mighty Mini Tri. A triathalon for all ages, this event is designed for those who want to experience the challenge of a triathalon without dealing with the demands of a full course. The distances for ages 11 years and older are: 1.2 mile run, 5.4 mile bike and 200 yard swim. For ages 7-10 years, the course is .8 mile run, 3.6 mile bike and 100 yard swim. Awards will be given in all ages groups.

In conjunction with both the Mini Tri and the Olympic distance triathalon on April 24, two free training seminars have been scheduled for 7-9 p.m. this Thurs. and April 7 at the St. Anthony's Fitness Connection, St. Petersburg Hilton, 333 First St. S, St. Petersburg. For reservations and information call 823-2727.

_ compiled by Helen A.S. Popkin and Jim Bullard