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If you could meet one professional baseball player during spring training, who would it be and why? Here are their answers:

I would pick Barry Bonds because he is my idol.

_ Edouardo Jordan

I would like to see Kevin Mitchell from the Reds because my name is Kevin Mitchell Knox.

_ Kevin Knox, 8

I'd like to meet Joe Carter because he is famous for hitting the home run that won the World Series.

_ Matt Ramker, 13, Clearwater

My choice would be Michael Jordan because he's just starting a career in baseball and is doing a good job.

_ Warren Gore, St. Petersburg

I'd like to meet Mike Piazza of the Dodgers because he's my favorite player.

_ Chris Zimmermann, 10, Palm Harbor

Here's one more baseball question to take a swing at: If this area were to get a Major League Baseball expansion team, what would you name it and why? Please call the Your Shot phone line for kids at 892-2375 or (800) 333-7505, extension 2375.