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Blake, White double winners

Sherry Blake, Central girls track and field: Blake was a double-event winner in the girls half of last Friday's Springstead Invitational meet. The Central High sprinter recorded victories in both the 100- and 200-meter dashes.

Previous winners: Gina Bawden, Hernando cross country; Loretta Lambright, Hernando cross country; Michelle Alvarez, Springstead swimming; Yessie Velez, Springstead swimming; Anna Vasquez, Springstead swimming; Kolleen Colburn, Hernando volleyball; Dorothy Lipinski, Springstead swimming; Gina Bawden, Hernando cross country; Jenny O'Sullivan, Springstead soccer; Jeanette Green, Hernando basketball; Jen Bernhardt, Springstead soccer; Julie Taylor, Springstead soccer; Shannon Smith, Springstead soccer; Sara Bartos, Hernando basketball; Carrie Bishop, Hernando basketball; Kristen Molka, Springstead basketball; Jenny O'Sullivan, Springstead soccer; Kolleen Colburn, Hernando basketball; Deana Magid, Springstead soccer; Sara Bartos, Hernando basketball; Sarah Cote, Springstead golf.

Jarvis White, Hernando boys track and field: White was the only boys individual double-event winner at the Springstead Invitational, taking the high jump and long jump. He also ran a leg on Hernando High's winning 4X400 relay to become the boys high-point scorer.

Previous winners: James Gallagher, Springstead football; Chris DeVault, Springstead swimming; Tom Huyser, Central swimming; Eric Riggins, Hernando football; Eric Omdahl, Hernando cross country; Don Frisbie, Central cross country; Jeff Morgan, Hernando football; Dominic Waddy, Springstead football; Frank Covich, Springstead basketball; Roberto Martin, Hernando soccer; Bronson Arroyo, Hernando basketball; Jason Taylor, Springstead soccer; Jimmy Sunday, Hernando wrestling; Domenic Vallejo, Central wrestling; Rodney Addison, Hernando basketball; Robert Drwiega, Central basketball; Mike Marshall, Springstead wrestling; Rocky Eulo, Springstead boys basketball; Rich Sopel, Central soccer; Terry Clark, Springstead; Omah Sang, Central wrestling; Boyd Brown, Hernando golf.