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Two addresses confused Geographic's computer

I am 70 years old. Since I was 8, I've always had a copy of the National Geographic Society book to read.

My problem has to do with a set of its books I ordered for my granddaughter. When I learned she already had the books, I wrote and asked that the order be canceled.

In spite of repeated letters, National Geographic keeps sending me bills. I finally realized I couldn't fight this thing alone, so I sent a check. I hope you can straighten it out.

Frank Adler

Response: The problem stems from the fact that you alternately use two addresses _ your street address and a post office box. Each has a different ZIP code. National Geographic's computer system files customers by name and ZIP code, so it has you under two different accounts.

If you order something using one address and pay for it or cancel the order using the other address . . . you see the problem.

National Geographic says a refund check is on the way.

Booklet tells about mammography

Last fall I read an article about a brochure being offered by the American Cancer Society (free) with information about mammogram prices. I hope it is still available. Please tell your readers!

Elle Hunter

Response: We'd be delighted. Our readers frequently ask for information on how to get high-quality, low-cost mammograms.

The booklet, "Mammography in Florida," lists all the mammogram facilities in the state. Upon request you will be sent the part of the booklet that lists facilities in your area (District IV includes Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, Manatee, Hardee, Sarasota, DeSoto and Highlands counties).

The facilities are listed alphabetically by county. Data on each one includes: address and phone number, hours, whether the facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology, cost of a mammogram, whether there is an additional charge for a radiologist to read the film, whether the facility accepts Medicare or Medicaid assignments, number of mammograms done weekly and number of technologists certified for mammography.

The cost of a mammogram in this district (at accredited facilities) varies from $39 to $150.

Call (800) ACS-2345 to request a copy of "Mammography in Florida" (current as of February _ the next issue will be available April 1) or to receive accurate, up-to-date information on a particular mammography facility.

Get part-time job to pay for jewelry

My boyfriend bought an opal necklace and bracelet for my Christmas gift. He is paying $45 per month on them ($281 remaining).

I have not worn them more than twice. A stone fell out of the bracelet the second time I wore it, and the jeweler fixed it free of charge.

But we are having financial difficulties and would like to return the jewelry and get some of the money back. Since the return deadline for Christmas purchases was Jan. 2, all the jeweler will agree to do is lower the monthly bill from $45 to $35, which is doing us no good due to the interest.

I am not wearing the jewelry. Our rent, electric, etc., is a higher priority. We don't want to renege on the payments, but the jeweler is refusing to respond to our pleading.

Can something be done about this?


Response: Yes. Either one or both of you can get a temporary part-time job to pay off this debt. Then you can promise each other that in the future you will keep those "higher priorities" in mind when tempted to buy something you can't afford.

Don't renege on the payments. That will only spoil your credit rating and cause problems when you want to apply for a car or house loan or get a credit card.

Employment agency still on the job

After receiving my work authorization card from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, I went to AAA Employment. They found me a job at a doctor's office. It was to last about nine weeks.

I worked for eight days and then the doctor's wife said the person I was replacing was not returning and she had found someone else to be a permanent replacement. She said not to come back the next day.

It has been two weeks, and I still have not been paid. Also, I paid AAA $350 to find me a job, but my net pay will only be $270.

I think they took advantage of me.

M. Shibli

Response: You have your paycheck and AAA says it has set up several interviews for you. It doesn't give refunds but has applied full credit to continuing the search for a job.

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