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Woman calls judge biased

Editor: At the time, I thought I was the only woman being picked on by Judge Keough; quite the contrary. I currently have contact with many women who have had similar experiences with him, but I was a lucky one; he recused himself from my case after I filed papers stating that I would not ever receive a fair trial because of his attitude toward me. He offered assistance to my ex-husband in his preparation of court orders and did not force him to pay child support.

I had been divorced three years when my ex-husband chose to play custody games, knowing that hurting my children would hurt me.

In my opinion, Judge Keough did not have my children's best interest in mind, as he appointed a Guardian Ad Litem for my children and through their study and research process, they stated the children should remain in my home, and that the children should be able to voice their opinions about visitation.

When Guardian Ad Litem attended a hearing and stated their facts, Judge Keough didn't seem to take their views into consideration, also my children at the time, 12 and 14 years old, expressed their thoughts, feelings and fears directly to Judge Keough, with his response they weren't old enough to make decisions.

After the first few hearings, I hired a court reporter each time. It did control disrespect and rude comments.

I sought counseling during all this, as Judge Keough was breaking my spirit in this very difficult emotional time. The counselor helped me to find the strength to attend these hearings, holding my head high, not to feel intimidated and to continue fighting.

This went on for three years, an issue that should have taken much less time. Attorney fees, court reporters and counseling have cost me $25,000 plus. My children are worth it, but it's so unfair that these costly, emotional games are allowed to be played.

I'm pleased to report, I did receive a fair trial with a fair judge in Pasco County. He did care about my children's feelings and needs, and he did state child support is paid or go to jail.

Jacqueline Sacco,

Bayonet Point

Environment needs our care

Editor: The picture on the front of the Pasco County Business Section Feb. 23, 1994, seems to reinforce the environmental concerns of those of us who love trees and who want to conserve them whenever possible.

A case in point is right in my own back yard. Two years ago a couple purchased a very pleasant "wooded homesite" and proceeded to tear down just about every tree on the lot. Now, persons in the vicinity, including the folks who ravaged the land, have little privacy. The area is noisier (trees help to keep the noise level down, you know) and, judging from neighbors' comments, the whole occurrence just underscores, once again, our general lack of appreciation for and awareness of the environment. What took decades, even centuries, to create is destroyed in a matter of hours by a bulldozer and by short-sighted people who just don't care. Let's get our act together, folks.

Roger N. Goodling,

New Port Richey

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