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Bank reopens as employees mourn victim

(ran NS S editions of Tampa Bay & State)

Customers and employees returned Tuesday to the AmSouth bank where the branch manager was killed five days ago in a robbery.

Local AmSouth employees had a private memorial service Sunday night for Margaret Stevens-Kofskey. Counselors have been available for employees since her death Friday.

Employees at the branch, at 3021 Enterprise Road, declined to comment, though Tom Beatty, AmSouth marketing vice president, said the ordeal prompted a positive outpouring from the public. He praised Clearwater police and other law enforcement agencies for an intense investigation that led to arrests about 12 hours after Mrs. Stevens-Kofskey, 48, was killed.

The cooperation of people and businesses around the bank helped the investigation.

"The information provided by citizens gave detectives the starting point," said Clearwater police spokesman Wayne Shelor. "Citizens put us on the right trail right away."

Detectives say they recovered nearly all of the $5,790 stolen in the Friday afternoon robbery when they arrested Donald A. D'Angelo, 23, and Scott Bailey, 19, at their apartment at 19135 U.S. 19 N. They are being held without bail at the Pinellas County Jail.

D'Angelo and Bailey are accused of going into the bank about 2:40 p.m. and ordering employees to lie on the floor while they took cash. Armed with a .38-caliber revolver, Bailey is accused of shooting Mrs. Stevens-Kofskey in the side of the head when she came out of an office and did not get down as ordered.

Within hours, detectives say, they identified the robbers from information provided by people around the bank and in nearby businesses.

According to an affidavit for a warrant to search the men's apartment, key clues came from people at Status Cue, a pool hall in a shopping center just east of the bank.

Detectives talked to Jim Keyes, manager of the pool hall, and a customer. They told police that two men matching the robbers' descriptions _ men who also resembled the robbers depicted in photos taken by the bank video camera _ had been in the pool hall minutes before the robbery.

"I'd seen them around the shopping complex, and a lot of the business people around have seen them before," Keyes said. "They never hang out here. They came in before the robbery and were here about a minute to use the pay phone. Then they left."

Keyes and the customer also had seen the men in and around a blue Volkswagen Beetle, the car driven by the robbers. And the customer told police he knew the men as "DJ" and "Scooter," which detectives determined were street names for D'Angelo and Bailey.

When detectives went to the men's apartment, Bailey ran out the back door. An officer caught him, and during a search, felt a hard, round object in Bailey's pants pocket, police said.

The affidavit said the object turned out to be a large roll of cash. Serial numbers on several of the bills matched numbers that the bank had recorded on "bait money" given to the robbers.

During interviews, police said, Bailey and D'Angelo admitted their roles in the robbery. They also told detectives where to find in their apartment what police said is evidence, including clothing worn during the robbery.

Detectives found $24 hidden under a mattress in the room the men shared. An additional $870 was in a top dresser drawer. Twelve .38-caliber bullets also were in the drawer, police said.

The handgun was found at a Tarpon Springs apartment. Police have not determined if the gun was stolen. Bailey's father, William, said a .38-caliber revolver was stolen from his home within the past several years.

Memorial fund started

AmSouth Bank has established a memorial fund in the name of Margaret Stevens-Kofskey, the bank branch manager who was killed Friday. The money will be used to support the Red Mountain Chamber Orchestra, a non-profit classical music organization in Birmingham, Ala., where Mrs. Stevens-Kofskey lived for eight years before moving to Clearwater last year. Mrs. Stevens-Kofskey was a skilled classical flute player. Donations may be mailed to the Margaret Stevens-Kofskey Memorial Fund c/o AmSouth, P.O. Box 179, Clearwater, FL 34617. Donations also may be taken to any AmSouth bank, said Tom Beatty, vice president of marketing for the bank.