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Bradley: Stress technique, not hard shots

Lightning center Brian Bradley answers questions from youngsters.

Q: I play ice hockey and am having trouble getting speed on my slap shot. What should I do?

_ Brian Alonga, Palm Harbor

A: How hard a slap shot is comes with strength and timing of the shot. I think at your age you should be working more on the fundamentals of the slap shot. Speed comes as you grow.

Q: What was your favorite part about playing in the All-Star game?

_ Justin Weber, 12

A: I think my favorite part playing in the All-Star Game was meeting and playing with all the different players. I really enjoyed playing on a line with Eric Lindros and Mark Recchi, both of Philadelphia.

Q: Do you think any of your teammates should have been in the All-Star game with you?

_ Jeff Wong, 12, Largo

A: Yes, we probably could have had two or three players selected. But I think if anybody could have gone, Daren Puppa is my choice. He has had an exceptional year.

Q: How many times have you broken your nose?

_ Bobby Triplett, 13, Seminole

A: I have had my nose broken three or four times during my playing career.

Q: What advice do you give kids about using drugs?

_ Adam Lillo, Hudson

A: My opinion is drugs and sports don't go together. If you want to succeed in life, whether in sports or business, drugs is a definite no-no!

Q: What do you think of Chris Gratton?

_ Justin Gaddis, St. Petersburg

A: Chris Gratton is going to be a superstar for the Tampa Bay Lightning for the next 10 years. He's a great kid with a great work ethic.

Q: Do you remember your first NHL game, and were you nervous or did you have fun?

_ Brad Drewmark, 13

A: My first NHL game was while I was playing for the Calgary Flames versus the Vancouver Canucks. I was very nervous.

Q: Who was your idol when you were young, and why?

_ David Sellards, 9, Palm Harbor

A: My idol when I was young was Bobby Orr, because I liked the way he played and I loved the Boston Bruins.

Q: Could you coach hockey?

_ Chris Parker, Clearwater

A: Well, I haven't thought about it yet, but someday I would like to help teach kids how to play.

Q: Are you happy or sad that Pat Jablonski was traded?

_ Bryan Doobell 10, Clearwater

A: Pat Jablonski was a very good goaltender. Any time a player is traded from the team you play for, the players all feel sad for him but wish him good luck and hope he does well.