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By 3-1 margin, voters cut it short to St. Pete Beach

Make that St. Pete Beach.

That's what voters did Tuesday by a 3-1 margin.

After 37 years as St. Petersburg Beach, residents of this beach community decided it was ready for its own identity.

"That's fine. It's what the people wanted," said Mayor Michael Horan, who was re-elected to his second term Tuesday. Horan was surprised by the margin _ 2,317 for the change; 690 against it. But, he added, most people already call it St. Pete Beach.

In fact, the city seal in the commission chambers says St. Pete Beach. So do the sides of the police cars.

"For me it's a convenience. It's a lot easier to answer the phone, "St. Pete Beach,'

" said Sgt. Lynda Fletcher of the St. Petersburg Beach (make that St. Pete Beach) Police Department.

It's not exactly clear what comes next, or even when the town officially might change its name. Horan said he would check with the city attorney today on particulars.

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