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Fit and in person

Published Oct. 6, 2005

You may have seen TV fitness expert Denise Austin working out on ESPN. Now, you can watch Austin film a show in person Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Petersburg's Stouffer Vinoy Resort on the esplanade. The event is also designed as a benefit for several charities, including Suncoast Dream Fund and Abilities. Austin has made 11 best-selling fitness videos and currently has two new ones on the market: All New! Super Stomachs and her Pregnancy Plus Workout. The event is free and features giveaways and a raffle.

Et cetera. . .

Rock star Bob Geldof, who helped to raise millions of dollars for African famine victims, said Tuesday a court had overturned a bankruptcy order declared against him for failing to pay a $3,000 office furniture bill. "I'm glad this is all over, and I'm not broke," Geldof said, adding that the bankruptcy order made last Thursday had been annulled by the High Court in London Monday.

Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist with American "grunge" rock band Nirvana, left a Rome hospital Tuesday four days after he was admitted in a coma induced by alcohol and drugs. Rome's American Hospital said Cobain, 27, was in good health. Cobain, an idol for millions of young fans worldwide, was rushed to the hospital Friday after falling ill at a luxury hotel. The rock star has a history of drug problems and has admitted to taking heroin, but the hospital said his illness was caused by the combined effects of alcohol and tranquilizers that he had been prescribed.

Jerry Lee Lewis is back home in Nesbit, Miss. after a year of IRS-inspired exile in Ireland. Lewis and his wife, Kerrie, arrived Monday in Nesbit with their 7-year-old son. "It's good to be home," he said. "I thought it was time to make a visit again. This has been my home for 23 years." The rock pioneer has longtime tax troubles. He moved to Dublin after the Internal Revenue Service started selling off his stuff and showing up at concerts to collect on a $3.75-million bill. Lewis proposed a concert in nearby Memphis, Tenn., to help pay his tax debt. No date has been set for the show. While negotiations with the IRS continue, Lewis is holding on to a rented house in Dublin.