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Pasco County needs transit for all

Editor: In response to Sam Morizzo's letter regarding public transportation in Pasco County, every single word he said is the God's honest truth.

How can three buses take care of the transportation needs of a county with a population of about 200,000 people? I did not count the babies or small children. There is absolutely no way, especially when it is door-to-door service and also by appointment.

The commissioners said the shuttle was a waste of money, but at least the buses carried more people at one time, not like the buses do now.

How can this system cost less when many times a person is taken from the Southgate area to the Hudson Library, alone on the bus, and brought back alone and then the driver returns to the county garage to fill up with gas?

The buses hold 17 passengers and are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Very rarely, if ever, are all the seats filled. As for wheelchair passengers, hardly ever.

The county receives transportation funds from both the federal and state governments supposedly to run a mass transportation system just like Pinellas, Hillsborough and many other Florida counties, but our commissioners, outside of Ed Collins, must have been raised in the backwoods somewhere, because none of them know the meaning of mass transit. One can go to any small area in the country and there will be some sort of public transportation, not a Dial-A-Ride or specialized system that our commissioners have forced on us. Mass to me means all and that would apply to men, women and children, young and old, disabled or not disabled. Just about everyone that needs transportation, at one time or another at his convenience and not when the dispatcher tells him he can go.

Barbara Lazar, Holiday

Proposal merits "booby prize'

Editor: Concerned about the dangerous times we are living in and pondering what it is going to take to return to a sense of normalcy, I often wonder what it is that causes some seemingly discerning individuals to act as though they have taken leave of their senses once they take office in government.

With rampant violence and crime afflicting our people as never before, we find no shortage of half-baked, shallow-minded, politically self-serving proposals to deal with the problem. However, the latest proposal from the House Juvenile Justice Committee is by far the cockamamiest of them all and merits the "Booby Prize."

According to an article in the Feb. 12 Times, this illustrious body is considering sending 100 of Florida's toughest young criminals to the Glen Mills Academy, an upper-crust prep school in Concordville, Pa., for 10 to 18 months. There, unlike the "harsh treatment" in a boot camp concept, they will dress nicely, study hard and play sports so they can develop discipline and self-esteem to help them become productive citizens. This logic boggles my mind and borders on self-induced hallucinating and I assume that deserving, law-abiding teenagers of good moral character do not qualify and need not apply.

If you believe that this is too farcical to come to pass, just consider that a delegation of state representatives headed by Rep. Buzz Ritchie, D-Pensacola, has visited the school and believes Florida ought to consider the concept.

How much more senseless killing, violence and crime must we be subjected to before our legislators and judges come to their senses, find the political courage to face up to realities and truly come to grips with this insanity that is shattering the very fiber of our country? Almost 2,000 years ago, history records that the Roman Emperor Nero fiddled while Rome was burning. Will history record that today's bureaucrats piddled while America was self-destructing?

Mario Battista, Port Richey

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