Swimmer's penis gets stuck in pool

Published Jul. 17, 1994|Updated Oct. 7, 2005

Police and paramedics made an early morning call to a motel to free a man whose penis was caught in a swimming pool suction fitting. A clerk at the Scottish Inn motel made a 911 call at 4:45 a.m. Friday, saying the 33-year-old man was trapped in the swimming pool. The pool's pump was shut off before paramedics arrived, but the man still could not free himself because his penis had become swollen. Paramedics inserted a lubricant around the suction fitting, and authorities freed the man after about 40 minutes. The man, who had rented a room at the motel, told police he had gone swimming about 12:30 a.m. He was treated at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

Willets' adult act is unconstitutional

WEST PALM BEACH _ A strip club performance by convicted prostitute Kathy Willets is not a form of constitutionally protected expression, a judge has ruled. Palm Beach County Court Judge Deborah Pucillo denied Friday all defense motions to throw out the charges of lewdness and violation of the county's lap dancing ordinance. Willets was ordered to be ready for trial this month. Performances at adult entertainment centers that serve alcohol do not enjoy the same protection as other forms of expression, Pucillo said. Willets' attorney, James Benjamin of Fort Lauderdale, argued that his client's actions were those of a performer and that she should enjoy the same freedom of expression as the casts of plays that feature nudity. Willets became infamous for using a nymphomania defense against prostitution charges.