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Published Aug. 7, 1994|Updated Oct. 7, 2005

Editor's note: As TV ads appear in the Florida governor's race, they will be described and analyzed by the Times.

Candidate: Jeb Bush

Opponents: Ken Connor, Ander Crenshaw, Tom Gallagher, Jim Smith

Producer of ad: Alex Castellanos

Runs: Fort Myers, Sarasota, Tampa Bay area, Orlando and West Palm Beach

The ad: Opens with a shot of Bush sitting in a home in front of a window, wearing a casual dark green and blue plaid shirt. "Our welfare system does things backwards," he says. "It pays people not to work, not to get married and to bring a child into this world out of wedlock. I think it's morally wrong and economically unsustainable to keep our welfare system going. So I have a plan to stop paying welfare recipients to have more children. A plan with a strict two-year time limit on welfare, and then real work. Because everybody can do something to help support themselves. I'd like you to read my plan. This is one place where we need a complete new fresh start."

Analysis: After a weeklong war of attack ads, the Republican candidates have agreed to go back to the issues. Bush has picked one guaranteed not to start a party fight. The positions of all five candidates are all but indistinguishable on the subject of welfare: It's bad and it should end. Unlike some plans being advocated, Bush does not talk about job training to help welfare mothers find work once they're cut off. Again, the Bush campaign puts up a toll-free number people can call to get a copy of Bush's plan. This gets out the information and also gives the campaign the address of a potential donor.


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