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A weighty woe

Purdue offensive guard Damon Lewis is 6 feet 2 and 370 pounds, and since he played on the 1992 state championship basketball team at Richmond (Ind.) High School, coach Jim Colletto isn't too concerned about conditioning.

But getting Lewis in uniform is another story.

"My biggest worry," Colletto said, "is whether his pants will fit. Before the Notre Dame game, we're in pregame with NBC there and everything and our biggest problem is we had eight guys trying to get Damon into his pants. We couldn't do it. We had to make alterations."

Close your eyes

Kansas State quarterback Chad May had a rough day against Nebraska during Saturday's 17-6 loss. After being tackled during the second quarter, he couldn't open his right eye.

"They tried to poke my eyeball out of my socket," May said of the Cornhuskers. "They gouged my eyes, grabbed me in other places you don't want to know about."

May said he thought the eye gouging was done by either Nebraska linebacker Donta Jones or tackle Christian Peter. Nebraska coach Tom Osborne said he was aware of no dirty tactics but added, "I'm sorry to hear that, and if we did, I apologize to Chad May."

On the big streak

Auburn's 18-game winning streak is both impressive and inspiring. It is also kid's play compared with other winning streaks in NCAA history. More than 50 teams have had winning streaks of at least 20 games, including Oklahoma's record-setting 47. To surpass the Sooners, Auburn would need to stay undefeated through the 1996 season, including victories in the SEC Championship and the Sugar Bowl in both the '95 and '96 seasons. Below is a list of teams that have won at least 20 in a row since the 1950s:

Team Wins Years Ended by

Oklahoma 47 1953-57 Notre Dame

Toledo 35 1969-71 Tampa

Texas 30 1968-70 Notre Dame

Miami 29 1990-93 Alabama

Alabama 28 1991-93 Tennessee

Alabama 28 1978-80 Miss. State

Oklahoma 28 1973-75 Kansas

Michigan State 28 1950-53 Purdue

Brigham Young 25 1983-85 UCLA

Notre Dame 23 1988-89 Miami

Nebraska 23 1970-71 UCLA

Penn State 23 1968-70 Colorado

Washington 22 1990-92 Arizona

Nebraska 22 1982-83 Miami

Ohio State 22 1967-69 Michigan

Arkansas 22 1963-65 LSU

Arizona State 21 1969-71 Oregon St.

San Diego State 21 1968-70 Long Beach St.

Oklahoma 20 1986-87 Miami

Tennessee 20 1950-51 Maryland