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age: 23

by day

gig: Office liaison for Universal Anesthesia Care.

salary: $12,000 a year.

main ax: "I'm on the phone about six out of eight hours a day. I call the insurance companies to get all the information I need to (send out) bills."

Morrison also works at a "Versyss IBM clone" computer.

hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

perks: "Health insurance and dental insurance. Man, that's totally it right there. It pays the bills, and it keeps me healthy. Actually, I think it keeps me organized. Just having to keep organized at work tends to affect the way I live the rest of my day."

drawbacks: "Waking up early. And I guess just taking away all my business time. It's hard to get anything done because I'm at work at the same time that everyone else is open. I just went through the process of forming a partnership for the band, self-licensing and all that stuff. And I had to go through all that legal process while working the same hours that all those offices are open."

where the path leads: Next step up would be office manager. But Morrison adds, "To be honest, I'm not looking to move up into management. Because eventually I'm going to go back to school."

by night

gig: "I'm a rock 'n' roll star." Keyboardist, occasional guitarist for Tampa band Home.

salary: "A typical gig would make between $50 and $100 (for the band). That's how indie rock works. You just get the door, and it's really half of that. We take whatever we make, and we buy strings and pay for the (rehearsal) warehouse. The band probably made $2,000 (last year) and spent all of it on warehouse rent and strings and stuff."

main ax: Helpinstill electric piano, Hummingbird acoustic guitar.

hours: "For the past couple of months it's more like four nights a week _ and say, three hours a night _ because we're working on an album right now." Home recently signed a record contract with Relativity Records in New York.

perks: "We used to have girls coming to the shows all the time, but they don't anymore. So I really don't know why we do it. It's just that the act of constructing music is somehow fulfilling. It's the act of creation, rather than being passive or going out to the movies. I don't like TV that much, so I might as well do something."

drawback: "I don't get to spend time with my girlfriend. I put way too many miles on my car," a Dodge Omni. "It was new a year ago and all of a sudden it's looking pretty bad. I wish I could say something like, "People won't leave me alone in restaurants,' but you know . . . people pretty much leave me alone in restaurants."

where the path leads: "It'd be great to have enough clout as a musician to own a studio, and record as many albums as I want, and have enough people be interested."

_ Compiled by MIKE CANNING