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Details of sex crime had no place in newspaper

Editor: Is it possible for a newspaper to report the news without going into the depraved details of the crime? I'm speaking of the article in the Pasco Times (Oct. 18) that described in pulp-novel detail the rape of a 5-year-old girl. Aren't the shame and horror the family has to suffer enough? Must the twisted details be put into print, too?

Having recently returned to this country after 14 years in Europe, I'm appalled and amazed at the scene in America. It's like a Third World country. There is no medical system for its people. Crime, drugs, sleazy business practices, pathetic wages and low benefits prevail. Everyone is free to do as he pleases. Just don't bad-mouth Florida fruit (thank you, Jan Glidewell, for exposing and laughing at that insanity).

We can rise above our bad image. Let's start with our press. Come on St. Petersburg Times, be a class act. Sleaze has no place in our newspaper. The press really does have a higher calling. Let the National Enquirer print the "yellow pages.'

Patricia Carpenter, Spring Hill

Board should pick school chief

Editor: Although Congress failed to pass legislation to take the power of big money and special interests out of the legislative process, your vote can take politics out of the selection process for superintendent of our growing school district.

Vote for an appointed superintendent of schools and allow our elected School Board members to search for the best qualified professional educator-administrator who would be responsible to the board, not campaigners and contributors.

It is interesting to note that of the nation's school districts, less than 3 percent have elected superintendents.

Nancy Strom, Port Richey

Voters should have right to choose

Editor: The West Pasco Republican Club and the Republican Executive Committee went on the record as being opposed to having an appointed superintendent. I assume they cherish the right to vote for or against our county officials.

Good for them.

If a person is responsible for millions of tax dollars as well as the education of our children, we should all have the right to put that person in office or, just as important, put that person out of office. Taxpayers need more rights, not less. Electing our superintendent is a right we need to keep.

John M. Legg, Hudson

Knowledge important to make choice

Editor: The privilege of voting doesn't mean much without knowledge of whom you are voting for. Sometimes you may wish there were another choice: none of the above.

That could happen, if we remain one of the few school districts that elect their top school administrator. This important professional position should not be politically elected.

Vote "yes" for an appointed superintendent of public schools.

Irene Simmons, Holiday

Consider hospice for next donation

Editor: In these times of constantly hearing negative stories, I would like to let our community know there are still many good people in the world.

My son passed away recently. The Hernando-Pasco Hospice helped me care for him. Every person in the organization was outstanding.

With love and gentle care they allowed him to die at home with dignity. I will be forever grateful to them.

When you consider donating to a worthy cause, please consider them.

Allegra Hawkins, Holiday

Group thankful for support of auction

Editor: The clients, employees and friends, and board of directors of the Lighthouse for the Blind of Pasco and Hernando, express their appreciation to all who donated, purchased or in any way helped make our seventh annual auction a success.

The mission of the Lighthouse is to provide blind and visually impaired people with the skills needed to achieve their maximum independence. The Lighthouse offers its services free of charge to the residents of Pasco and Hernando counties. Our mission could not be accomplished without tremendous support received from our community.

Roxann Mayros, Executive Director

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