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If you could teach your own class, what subject would you pick?

Will Henderson, 17, senior, Citrus High School: "I guess I would pick creative writing. I'd like to help students put into words what they are thinking and not be afraid to express their raw emotions."

Keith Foster, 16, junior, Citrus High School: "Probably P.E., because it would be more fun....instead of teaching out of the book, you could get involved with kids."

Brian Turner, 18, junior, Citrus High School: "P.E., because I enjoy sports and they (P.E. teachers) have an easy job."

Karen Sorochen, 17, senior, Citrus High School: "I guess math because I'm pretty good in math....I'm pretty good with numbers. It's easy for me, I'd add some fun into it."

Kristi Slingerland, 17, senior, Citrus High School: "I think English because you can make it fun, you can put your own feelings into it."