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Two years of life, a lifetime of pain

At age 2, Andrea Scott already has lived a hard life. She was born to a drug addict. Her father, on home release from prison, took over her care. Now she doesn't have a father either.

For more than a day Andrea sat in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor, keeping a vigil over her father's body. The convicted drug dealer had been shot to death, execution-style.

Day-care workers found the child when they went to the apartment Tuesday afternoon.

"She had thrown a blanket over her father's body to keep him warm," said Elizabeth Byrd, a nurse at the Learning Circle Day Care Center.

Friends said Andrew Scott, who was released from prison in 1992 after serving 14 months for selling drugs, was a quiet, reserved man who doted on his daughter. The girl was born addicted to cocaine.

"He was a devoted father who cared deeply for his daughter. I've held that baby in my arms as she suffered the seizures and convulsions of her withdrawal from cocaine. Her father was all she had. . . . Now everything's been ripped away from her," said Pegene Watts-Anderson, director of the girl's day care center.

State officials placed Andrea, who was in good physical condition, in a temporary foster home. Watts-Anderson said she had been told that Scott's cousin, a day care worker, would eventually get custody.

The child's mother is a transient drug addict.

Nick Milonas runs a pizza parlor across the street from the small apartment complex where Andrea lived with her father. He said Scott was always attentive to the little girl.

"I saw her as she was being taken out of the apartment Tuesday," Milonas said. "As she was being taken away, she suddenly twisted around toward the apartment and cried, "Daddy. Daddy. I want my daddy.' "