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Blind man loses license he never had

The State of Florida recently suspended Patrick Clark's driver's license, which is odd when you consider that Clark doesn't have a license and never has had one.

And for a reason: Clark is blind.

"I can see him now, driving down the street, holding his cane out the window to feel where he's driving," quipped his mother, Doris Clark.

Clark, 30, who has lived in darkness for most of his life, resides with his parents and says he has never driven a car. He doesn't have a driver's license. Even if he did, Clark said he doesn't think he would be a good driver.

"How could I handle driving if I were sighted if I'm getting tickets when I'm blind?" he joked.

But he does have traffic tickets _ four of them issued in Dade County. He learned that in an Oct. 10 letter from the state Division of Driver Licenses.

The letter said Clark's driving privileges were suspended Sept. 8 because he had failed to pay four traffic-related fines.

The letter got nearly everything right about Clark _ his name, his address, his date of birth.

But for his driver license number the letter listed the same number as Clark's State of Florida ID number. Clark uses the number as identification the way people use their driver's licenses.

The letter said Clark would be legally eligible to drive once he pays the Dade clerk of court four traffic-related fines, plus a $25 service fee.

The letter threatens that Clark could never drive again. That suits Clark.

"I've never driven in my life anyway," Clark said.