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Fund-raiser is a success with participants' help

Editor: I would like to thank those who helped make the United Way of Citrus County's "Celebrity Waiter" event such a success.

The waiters and waitresses were wonderful and everyone had a good time. I am sure that anyone attending this fund-raising event will want to be part of it next year, and those of you who have heard about it will want to be included next year.

I would like to thank: Liz Osmond, Sonny Hunt, Karen Johnson, Kenny Williams, Ben Branch, Anne Pope, Greg Hamilton, Jeff Webb, Jim Fowler, Ron Mayer, Kevin Dixon, John Barnes, Mike Wright, Paul Danner, Jim Hughes, Janet Herndon, John Russo, Steve Bowman, Sybil Barco, Jean Grant, Trish Vitter-Thomas and Lee Alexander.

I also would like to thank those who bid on auction items. That is the part that makes our event a success because the money raised through auction items benefits the United Way. Also, thanks to those who donated the items.

It is with the help of many people that a fund-raising event can be considered a success.

Dawn Arline

executive secretary

United Way of Citrus County

Support adds to school celebration

Editor: Inverness Primary School recently had a celebration to announce that we officially were designated by the Defense Department as a World War II Commemorative Community.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who helped make our celebration an exciting and meaningful experience for the pupils. A special thanks to Chief Harrell and the Citrus High School ROTC, James Hughes, Mayor O.

J. Humphries, Pat Lancaster, Sen. Karen Johnson, Randy Allers and VFW Post 4337 of Inverness and the 13 members of our World War II Commemorative Community Committee for helping organize our 1994-95 activities.

The pupils and staff of Inverness Primary thank all of you for your support.

Sandra Cross