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I Like It Like That (R) (94 min.) A- _ Darnell Martin's writing/directing debut is an ingratiating tale of a Latino woman (Lauren Velez) whose life in the Bronx makes her ache for freedom from a churlish husband (Jon Seda) and a stifling existence. Rita Moreno and Griffin Dunne contribute sharp support, but Velez's fully realized performance is one of the year's best. _ University Collection 6.

Love Affair (PG-13) (115 min.) B- _ Warren Beatty sends a celluloid valentine to his wife, Annette Bening, by showcasing her talents in a remake of the 1939 weeper Love Affair, by way of its own remake, 1957's An Affair to Remember. Good performances, even if they're contending with a story so old-fashioned it creaks. Don't miss Katharine Hepburn's brief role, which invests the film with the classic movie magic it's missing most of the time. _ Countryside 6, Largo Mall 8, Tri-City 8, Pinellas Square 3, Seminole 8, Crossroads 8, Regency Square 8, Lake Walden Cinema 8, Britton 8, Hillsboro 8, Main Street 6, Old Hyde Park 7, Varsity 6, Movies at Desoto Square, Gulfside Cinema, Cinema Square Theater, Citrus Cinemas, Spring Theater.

Radioland Murders (PG) (112 min.) C _ Foul play on the airwaves with Brian Benben (HBO's Dream On) and Mary Stuart Masterson (Fried Green Tomatoes) swap clues and madcap banter with an all-star cast. Too frazzled and relentlessly goofy to be as charming as its creator, George Lucas, obviously wanted it to be. Great sets and musical score, though. _ Movies at Clearwater, Largo Mall 8, Movies at Pinellas Park, Seminole 8, Crossroads 8, Hillsboro 8, Main Street 6, Varsity 6.

Robert A. Heinlein's the Puppet Masters (R) (108 min.) _ More body snatchers from outer space, with Donald Sutherland once again entrusted with saving the world. _ Clearwater 5, Countryside 6, Movies at Pinellas Park, Seminole 8, Tyrone 6, Regency Square 8, Lake Walden Cinema 8, Eastlake Square, Horizon Park 4, Main Street 6, Varsity 6, Oakmont 8 Theaters, Embassy, Cinema West.