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Newspaper articles boost performing arts

I am writing to express appreciation to Kelly Stefani of City Times for her Sept. 29 article, "Arts soon will be in season at Eckerd."

The article was extremely helpful in informing the public about the new season of the Festival of Performing Arts, sponsored by the Academy of Senior Professionals at Eckerd College, and resulted in many calls requesting additional information.

Through this article, many residents were alerted to the important community-enrichment programs sponsored by the academy. Included are live performances, twice a month from October through June, to which the public is invited at no charge. The Opera, Saturday A.M. programs, featuring the music and stories of the classic operas, are open to one and all for a small contribution.

In addition, Ms. Stefani writes a regular weekly column listing performances and lectures offered by colleges and universities in the Tampa Bay area. This column is an important service that is much appreciated by the public as well as by the institutions.

Thank you for your efforts, Ms. Stefani; you are helping a great deal.

Ira F. Ross, producer,

Festival of Performing Arts,

St. Petersburg

Lake Vista now mature

enough for library

It was with bemused interest that I listened Tuesday night as the members of the Pinellas Point Civic Association discussed the proposal to move the Boyd Hill Branch Library to a site in Lake Vista Park. There was unanimous support for the idea. Why was I bemused? Because just last spring, this same group opposed moving the Bay Vista Adult Center to the very same location because of Lake Vista's supposed "youth orientation" _ an orientation that seemed to intimidate many of the "adults" in the neighborhood.

I don't know exactly what has happened in the past four months to make Lake Vista suddenly less objectionable, but I am glad the Civic Association now deems it a suitable location for visits by senior citizens and children as well as the more adolescent among us.

This being the case, on the off chance that we might still be able to save Bay Vista's waterfront open space, I would like to suggest that the city combine both the Boyd Hill and Bay Vista projects into one facility at Lake Vista. This would save both parks from further open space degradation while still meeting community needs. Rather than having to build two separate facilities, we would only have to build one, which might end up reducing overall costs.

It is just a thought, but now that the Civic Association is on record as recognizing Lake Vista as an appropriate site for all ages (libraries, after all, are "ageless"), perhaps it is one we should seriously consider.

David W. Henderson,

St. Petersburg